How Sophie made £116,618 in 60 days with one online course

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1. The initial situation

When we started to work Sophie we realised she had a great online presence, she was selling alright but not exploding, so on our strategy session, we agreed on defining as a goal a 2.5X ROI on paid traffic with a £5,000 monthly budget.



To achieve this goal, we divided the strategy into 3 steps: 

STEP 1: 

Keep running the previous lead capture ads to collect data, better understand Sophie’s audience, and keep the ad account warm.

We re-used the campaigns of the previous agency with a small budget.

We got an average £2.02 CPL:


STEP 2: 

On Step 2 we made substantive changes to the funnel and started to adjust the ads.

We created a personality quiz with Typeform so that we could collect leads at a cheaper price: our goal was to create a database of users interested in colour psychology.

We also remade the retarget strategy through the introduction of an email sequence + ads during step 3.


Once we started to consistently collect high quality leads at a cost that was reasonable, we would then start advertising the psychology course.

We entered what we like to call the launch strategy phase with:

An email sequence

Cold ads

Retargeting ads

With the implementation of our strategy, it was time to look at the results. And here they are.


We achieved this CPL (Cost Per Lead)

The CPM (Cost per one thousand impressions) kept decreasing during the pre-launch process:

And the CPC (Cost Per link click) was stable around £0.09 during the pre-launch process:

=> We built an email sequence with our launch strategy, here is the stats that we got:

The colour psychology list (leads from the Typeform quizz) got a very high open rate & click rate, even more than your organic subscribers:

This very good and unusual news:
Because, usually when we get leads with such a low CPL (0.14 per lead) they are really poor quality leads and they don’t open emails.

Most importantly, the global ROAS of the ads we ran was 4.8X, way above the goal we set, so we decided to increase the budget:

Now here is a summary of the assets that got the best performances.

Best performing creative

This creative (video) over-performed all the other creatives 👇

Best performing copy

This copy was the best performing one 👇

Best performing audience

We had two best performing cold audiences 👇