Agencia de Marketing Online 360 | Hacemos despegar tu negocio

How we boost your business
to the next level

Step 1: Identify your goals and crucial needs

Firstly we must understand your business and identify every problem and need in order to solve it.

Together we will establish realistic and measurable targets to create a 360 plan to achieve them.

Step 2: Study your competitors

In marketing, we must turn your competitors into valuable allies. Firstly we identify your biggest national and foreign competitors.

Thereafter we analyze and write down every communication and sales channels they are using. 

Last but not least we discover all their marketing activities and movements which could be helpful in our 360 plan.

Step 3: Your perfect target

We must set our ideal target. Otherwise our marketing costs will be highly increased with less results.

We must know perfectly our target audience, its age, behavior, likes, needs... 

Following this, we can start creating your website, ads, social media, and start making your clients love and promote your brand.

Step 4: Lets create your 360 plan

At this point we already have our goals, the perfect target and the competitors who gave us all the necessary information.

It is the time to start getting ready and writing down our 360 plan, considering our website, all the communication plan and content strategy to spread our message and attract our costumers. 

Step 5: Lets make it

From the very beginning: We must optimize the website to make it functional, attractive and good looking, we will also make sure we can track everything happening on it.

After that, we follow the communication plan spreading our message in all our channels to catch our target attention and make them visit our website.

Now we are in the perfect momento to start using different techniques to catch and convert clients.

Step 6: Retention and promotion

Best clients you can have are those ones who come recommended by others, this is why we must focus on make them promote us.

A 360 campaign must always have a retention and referral program which perfectly fits your business so they can promote us easily.

Step 7: Analyze and optimize

Semana a semana evaluamos los resultados del plan de acción a la vez que optimizamos las acciones llevadas a cabo para mejorar los mismos. Identificamos que canales están captando clientes a un menor coste y tomamos decisiones en base a los mismos.

Step 8: Reliable reporting

We will provide you full access to every single campaign and all analytics. You will be able to see how your website traffic is constantly increasing. Outsource your marketing, we will take care of it and you can now focus on what you really want to.