Real Estate Flow Accelerator Hero Pack

This agreement will outline the expectations from this program and what you can expect from the team at Artic Media LLC.

What is the "Real Estate Flow Accelerator Hero Pack" program’?

This is a service where Artic Media will test, optimize, manage, and scale your Meta Ads/Google Ads campaigns and sales funnel.

This 30-day program is the first step in bringing your real estate business a consistent flow of client enquiries and converting them into paying customers.

This program includes:

  • Weekly Communication
  • A full real estate marketing specialised team
    • Account Manager
    • Media Buyer (Ads Specialist)
    • Video Editor/Designer
    • Analytics/Web Designer
    • Copywriter
  • Upcoming Weekly Plan & Previous Weekly Results Report every Monday
  • Meta Ads/Google Ads Full Management
  • Complete Campaign Creation and Daily Optimization
  • 1 Service Promotion
  • Professional Copywriting for 1 service
  • Professional Video Ads for 1 service
  • High Converting Landing Page for 1 service
  • Post Sales / Follow Up Consultation

Your initial investment:

Monthly pricing: $3000 USD upfront retainer upon signing of the proposal.

Recommended minimum ad spend: $3000 USD ad spend ($100 a day) on Meta Ads/Google Ads on a monthly basis billed directly from the advertising platform (Meta Ads/Google Ads)

Campaign Duration: 30 days

Total Estimated Investment Upon Completion: $6000 USD ($3000 USD retainer + $3000 USD ad spend) per month.

No hidden set-up fees, no hidden extra costs 

The contract starts running only when the 1st ad starts running, all the previous days of work are free of charge.


  • Payments are only accepted in USD by Bank Transfer or Online Payment.
  • Artic Media will provide invoices to the client on a monthly basis on the 1st day of the billing cycle.
  • Payment must be completed on the 1st day of the billing cycle. The client will have a grace period of 7 days to complete each payment.
  • All applicable taxes for services rendered shall be paid by the client
  • Failure to comply with the payment schedule will result in a pause of the contract and a pause in the working relationship.
Contractual Relationship of Parties
  • Upon signing this proposal, Artic Media and the client will enter into a legally binding contractual agreement which will terminate at the agreed-upon date.
  • Upon signing this proposal, both parties agree that they are independent contractors, and the relationship between them does not constitute a joint venture of any means.
Independent Contractors:

Both Artic Media and the client agree to enter into this agreement as free agents and no other agreement apart from this one exist between. This includes, but is not limited to: partnership, joint venture or any other business agreement.

Terms and Conditions of Agreement:

Upon signing this proposal, both parties agree to collaborate for the agreed-upon time frame of 30 days. The parties may agree to extend the contract beyond the agreed-upon time. Please contact Artic Media to renegotiate the terms. Extensions are subject to availability.

Permissions and Approvals:

 The client agrees to provide Artic Media with any necessary material (code, data..) to complete the desired project. All information provided will be held in the strictest confidence and is bound by privacy and security measures.

Intellectual Property

Artic Media and the client agree that any intellectual property created during the project will be in the sole ownership of the client.

Project Exclusivity

 The client agrees that Artic Media is the sole provider of services for this undersigned project. Neither party will assign responsibilities to outside assistance unless agreed upon by both, the client and Artic Media.

Limitation of Liability

Artic Media is not liable for changes made to the website/blogs or other media projects that limit/ impede the functionality of pages prior to, or after the completion of the project.

Termination and Renewal of Services

If either, the client or Artic Media decide to terminate the working relationship, a notice period of 0 days must be provided by either party prior to termination. There is no cancellation 


Artic Media and the client agree that all information provided during the working relationship will be held in the strictest confidence. Neither party shall disclose details of the project unless explicitly permitted to do so by Artic Media and/or the client. The privacy stipulation will be enforced for a period of 5 years, whereupon only work specifically done by Artic Media shall be disclosed.


By signing this document below, you hereby ratify your understanding of these terms, that all program sales are non-refundable, and waive any rights to chargeback your purchase with your credit card processor.

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